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Mortgage Lenders LLC

As we get started, allow me to provide an important summary of today’s mortgage financing industry.

In recent years, the mortgage industry has become heavily regulated. New laws have strengthened underwriting guidelines and have created new legal standards.

Mortgage Industry advertising broadcasts that it is easy to get preapproved.  This messaging does not address that obtaining a full mortgage loan commitment is very difficult.  do not address that obtaining a full mortgage loan commitment (much different than a preapproval) and a mortgage loan closing can be very difficult.  Industry statistics prove this point with residential mortgage closing numbers averaging roughly 75%. 


I will confidently guide and support your decisions while “getting things right the first time” and avoiding eleventh-hour surprises.

As most lenders and banks advertise that getting preapproved is easy, Although, most buyers who have a purchase contract on a home have been preapproved, only around 80% close. The answer to this question is critical to your success; understanding what requirements are needed throughout the loan process. Working together, starting with your preapproval to the underwriting and eventual closing of your loan, I will guide you in understanding what is needed to be in the best position to assure a successful closing.  Unlike the troubling industry fallout record, I have nearly a 100% closing rate.   

As we work together, we will cover all aspects for the loan process to help make well-informed decisions. Providing you with better information and a reality based approach throughout your transaction is a significant part of this success - to avoid mistakes and produce best outcomes. 


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Mortgage Lenders LLC