In order to efficiently process your refinance loan application, please provide the following items.

 W-2s or 1040 Federal Tax Returns for the previous two years.

 Most recent pay stub within the last 30 days.

 Most recent bank statements  i.e. checking, savings (please include all pages, for example if statement states 1 of 4 pages, please send all 4 pages.

 Most recent statement for investment or retirement accounts (all pages

 Current mortgage and/or home equity loan statement.

 Copy of driver’s license for all borrowers.

 Homeowners Insurance Policy.

 Most recent winter and summer property tax statements.

 Social Security Awards Letter.

If Applicable

 If you are self-employed: Provide accountant’s name & phone number in order to obtain/or bring 1040’s for the past two years (including all statements), 1120 Corporate Tax Returns for the past two years, year to date profit/loss statement and balance sheet.

 If you have rental income, copy of current leases and a schedule of real estate owned.

 If you have a vacation property, copy of mortgage statement, property tax statement, homeowners insurance statement.

 If applicable, copy of divorce decree.

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