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In order to efficiently process your loan application, please provide the following items:

□ W-2s for the previous two years.

□ Two consecutive most recent paystubs.

□ Two most recent bank statements (please include all pages, even if a blank numbered page).

□ Current mortgage and/or home equity loan statement.

□ Copy of driver’s license for all borrowers.

□ Homeowners Insurance Policy.

□ Social Security Awards Letter, if received.

If Applicable:

□ If self-employed: two years of personal and business complete tax returns and signed profit & loss statement.

□ If self-employed: three months of business bank statements (all pages).

□ If you have rental income, copy of current leases and a schedule of real estate owned.

□ If you have a second home, copy of mortgage statement, property tax statement, and homeowners insurance info.

□ If applicable, copy of divorce decree.

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